Well, I’ve been involved in technology in one way or another since 1980 (38 years ago, what’s that about?!?). I pre-date Windows and the Internet so to say I have witnessed a lot of change would be an understatement. What draws me to technology is not that I’m a nerd (although some people who know me might dispute that) but the freedom it offers and the time it saves. As a single Mother in the 90’s, technology enabled me to run a business from home and work around my two young daughters and now, as a carer for my Father currently, who is living with Dementia, it allows me to keep working.

Thanks to the Internet, learning is no longer the preserve of those who have a large budget to pay for it. If you learn how to learn, once you are off and running with something all the resources are out there to help you get better. I don’t come at technology from a technical viewpoint. I use it to help save me time and money and make my life easier and I’m lucky that what I do for a living involves working with individuals and organisations to share what I’ve learned to help them do the same.