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This is a link to the GCSE Computer Science but please don’t let that put you off, there’s loads of stuff here that you will find helpful to give you an all round understanding of how our digital world works 🙂 Anything you aren’t sure about just Ask Mrs Watson of course 😀 BBC Bitesize – Computers  


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This is a link to the GCF Learn Free Technology Basics Pages. Other Technology Videos will be posted here soon. Technology Basics  

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This is a very quirky and funny (although I don’t think it’s meant to be lol) guide to many of the ports (plugs) you will come across on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The music made me giggle and the narrator sounds like a robot but if you can get past that and focus on the content it’s a really good guide 6 Important Computer Ports Explained  

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This is another one where the narrator sounds a bit ‘Roboty’ I don’t think he gets many voiceover gigs….Again though the content looks good for a basic guide Intro to Windows 10

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