About Ask Mrs Watson

Who we are, why you might need us and what we’re all about. 

Why we do what we do

Remember Ask Jeeves? In the early days of the internet, people turned to Jeeves for answers to all of their problems. They’d ask their question and hopefully get an answer quickly and confidentially.

Ask Mrs Watson aims to be a similar source of trusted support for SMEs that need help with their technology. While we’re not a search engine, we are real live people who want to be as flexible and responsive as we can be in resolving your queries – making sure you can accomplish what you need to, but also teaching you the skills you need to avoid the same issue in future.

The membership platform makes it easy to get support when you need it without the expense of a consultancy fee or an internal hire. It’s a flexible format meant for businesses that just need that little bit of help.


Meet Kate Watson

Kate is an IT and Data Privacy professional with 40 years of experience in a male-dominated sector.

She’s used to offering an alternative, more understanding route into all things technology and has helped hundreds of business professionals skill themselves up without any of the nerves that go with traditional training. 

But don’t just take our word for it because we’ve said it on the website. Chat to Kate yourself and find out precisely what makes her so unique. Fill out the form below to request a callback.

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