Staying Safe – Working From Home

So much, so much chatter around what are the best tools to use when working from home, what will work best for our circumstances, what is the most secure, what is the best scarf for hiding the Turkey neck of a middle-aged menopausal lady (well that’s just me asking to be fair)

The ICO has some good information on working from home, for my take though, read on…

The same rules apply offline and online when it comes to the best tool for the job whether it’s working from home tools, technology generally or pretty much any tool from a ten pound hammer to a pair of knitting needles (both of the latter I believe are being used well and badly during lockdown life);

  1. What am I trying to achieve?
  2. What is the level of risk?
  3. What measures do I need to take to minimise that risk?
  4. Have I read the instructions properly?
  5. Do I need training first?
  6. Have I researched enough to have a good grasp of the pros and cons of the tool I have chosen?

If someone is championing a particular tool or rubbishing it, always ask yourself why…….You need to make sure that their reasoning is sound and without an agenda behind the scenes.

And if you can recommend a good video call scarf, let me know, I am contemplating pretending I have had a fall so I can wear a collar to cover it up so the sooner the better!!

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