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Twitch confirms massive data breach

I’ll admit to being today years old when I found out that Amazon owns Twitch, who owns who and how the data is shared might be a topic for another day but in the meantime, here’s the detail from BBC News about what’s gone on here;

GDPR is cancelled….

This is going back a few weeks but I was on a session this week discussing the UK Govt consultation document about Data Protection in the UK going forward and I just want to make a few general points;

GDPR is the standard by which increasingly global data privacy law is measured and that’s a good thing.

Data privacy law was a thing waaaay before GDPR but what was good was that FINALLY it got the attention it needed, especially in these days of big data and artificial intelligence, Internet of things and all that jazz.

There are some elements where revision would be good, particularly for SME’s and Micro SME’s, one size doesn’t fit all for data privacy and a lot of small businesses have been taken advantage of by fear mongers and opportunists using a sledgehammer to crack a nut which was never the regulators intention.

Data privacy and cyber security education is absolutely crucial if we are to stay ahead of the criminals and their insidious social engineering tactics. Humans are the weakest link in the security perimeter and education is a key weapon (which it is generally but that’s a whole other discussion….)

Well I think that will do for now, would be interesting to know how you feel about data privacy, both if you are in business and as an individual who’s personal data is increasingly growing in amount and value…

More next week đź‘Ť

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